Song of the week: Freudvoll und leidvoll (F. Liszt) - K. Krimmel, D. Heide
La Liberté - Nanine Vallain

The season is about to end, and a few days ago I was going through my notebook to arrange my notes. And I found a note referring to the Schubertíada 2021. Perhaps you remember that in the first post in September I told you that the artists had been particularly opportune with the encores, and a few weeks later I talked about one of them, Abschied von der Erde. Well, I'll talk about another one today.

Song of the wek: Licht und Liebe (F. Schubert) - A. Vondung, K.Jarnot i C. Berner
La Madeleine aux deux flammes - Georges de La Tour

Franz Schubert wrote many part songs, but if I'm not wrong, he only wrote two duets for female and male voice. We heard one of them some years ago, as part of the series Wilhelm Meister's Songs; it's Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, a song that most composers consider as a Mignon's song, but in Goethe's novel it is actually a duet of Mignon and the arpist. The other one is, Licht und Liebe, which we're listening this week.

Song of the week: Es liebt sich so lieblich im Lenze (J. Brahms) - A. Schmidt, H. Deutsch
Brita and I - Carl Larsson

In mid-February 1877 Johannes Brahms received good news through friend and publisher Karl Simrock: the third (or fifth, according to different sources) child of Clara and Julius Stockhausen was born. A few days later, Julius himself wrote him to tell him that they have named the child Johannes, and to ask if he would be his godfather. Brahms accepted with pleasure; he loved children and had been good friends with Stockhausen since many years ago. He declined, however, to attend [...]

Song of the week: An den Mond (F. Lachner) - R. Müller, C. Hammer
View of Dresden by Moonlight - Johan Christian Dahl

If we speak about Heine's Lieder, that is, about songs written after poems by Heine, the name of two composers comes immediately to mind: Schubert and Schumann. Schubert, who only left a small and magnificent sample of six Lieder after poems by Heine before his death, and Schumann, who twelve years later composed around forty songs, among them two cycles as important as Dichterliebe and Liederkreis, Op. 24.

Song of the week: Durch Einsamkeiten (J. Marx) - C. Stotijn, J. Breinl, A. Tamestit
The Oxbow -  Thomas Cole

Joseph Marx, born in Graz (Austria) in 1882, experienced a similar situation to that of so many young people of his time, of decades later and, even, of our time: when a child, it was evident that he was a gifted musician; later, he became an excellent pianist who aspired to be a composer, but his father wanted him to study something more important as law. As many other young person back then and now , he wasted his time in the classroom until he left his career to study Philosophy and Art History; by 1909 [...]

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