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January 19, 2022


in Bloc

by Sílvia

Song of the week: Zur Ruh', zur Ruh' (H. Wolf) - G. Resick, W. Jones
Die Toteninsel III - Arnold Böcklin

1888 was a key year for Hugo Wolf. We Lied lovers know it was when the longest, more creative time of Wolf began, two years during which he wrote more than 160 Lieder. But it was also the year that saw (at last!) his first published works.



Serenades and cherries

Song of the week: Ständchen (F. Schubert) - P. Anders, M. Raucheisen   One of the first posts of this blog was about songs and cherries. You know how it is, you pick a cherry and you get a few more because of their intertwined stems; the same happens with…


Song of the week: Serenada (N. Mússorgski) - G. Finley, J. Drake   Children think covering their eyes make them invisible, and adults avoid mentioning unpleasant, unavoidable things, as this could make them disappear. That explains the name Modest Mussorgsky thought for the cycle he was writing, Ona; that's to…

Lied ESMUC | Mein Liebster singt am Haus in Mondescheine

Song of the week: Mein Liebster singt am Haus in Mondescheine (H. Wolf) - M. Erdmann, G. Huber When one’s profession is being a musician, one enters a world in which if not all, most people that surround us don't understand what we do. I’m talking about the world of…


Song of the week: Schweig einmal still, dub garts'ger Schwätzer dort! (H. Wolf) - M. Erdmann, G. Huber   I had another song from another composer planned for this week, but I left the article half-written and I will finish it some other day. It's Wolf's fault; he has been…

Wunderlich sings Strauss

Song of the week: Ständchen (R. Strauss) - F. Wunderlich, J. Koetsier (dir.)   Today is September 17th; Fritz Wunderlich died this day in 1966, just before turning 36. As every year, we’ll remember him dedicating to him this weekly post. In our first year, we listened to him singing…

The other Ständchen

Song of the week: Ständchen, D. 889 (F. Schubert) - R. Tritschler, I. Burnside   Same title, different songs. That's not unusual with Schubert's songs, a name can be shared by two (or three, or four) songs. In those cases, it often happens that one of the songs becomes "the…


Song of the week: Lied des Florio (F. Schubert) - N. Gedda, H. Reuter In 1803, a play called Lacrimas was published in Berlin. The plot was complex and implausible as the plots of Shakespearean comedies, disseminated at that time in Germany thanks to the translations of August Wilhelm Schlegel.…