Song of the week: Verschwiegene Liebe (H. Wolf) - C. Prégardien, M. Gees
Schubertíada Vilabertran

This year we celebrate the 30th Schubertíada with a generous programme in many ways: the number of concerts, the quality of the artists, the variety of programmes and even in its extension. The Schubertíada Vilabertran will take place from 11 August until 28 August; among the twenty-three concerts, I'm focusing on the sixteen song recitals. As you see, there are many of them; I don't know how I'm going to organize the usual review in August… But, for now, I should try to organize myself to [...]

Song of the week: Adelaide (L. van Beethoven) - J. Kaufmann, H. Deutsch
Ritratto di giovane gentiluomo nel suo studio - Lorenzo Lotto

Wikipedia is an internet portal well known to any web user. Its publishing side is also well known, that is, the ability of any user to edit its content. However, there are fewer users who dare. Today we want to present you a wikipedian project, of interest to Lieder lovers, which, in addition to promoting the spread of Lied in the Catalan Countries, will allow you to enter the world of editing the Wikipedia. This is the Viquiprojecte Lieder.

Song of the week: Ostersonntag (H. Eisler) - H. Falk, S. Schleiermacher
Stadtpark Vienna

A reader wrote me last Wednesday about the post published that day, and about the song Der Fichtenbaum. She told about trees and exiles, and she made me think of a small, moving Lied of Hanns Eisler, Ostersonntag, an unexpected cherry of Grieg. I wrote down in my notebook the song to write about it during the second quarter, but the next day Russia attacked Ukraine. Another war began in Europe, we watched again images of refugees fleeing, and Eisler's song no longer left my mind.

Song of the week: På Norges nøgne fjelde/Der Fichtenbaum (E. Grieg) - M. Groop, R. Vignoles / H. Bjørkøy, J. H. Bratlie
Winter Sunset in a Spruce Forest - Julius Sergius von Klever

Let's go back to the series The Buch der Lieder and ten composers with one more poem from the Lyrische Intermezzo, no. 33, Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam. [A spruce-tree stands alone]. Unlike most poems in this book, in which the poetic voice speaks in the first person, here there is an external observer. He tells us about this spruce that is alone in a distant place, in the North, surrounded by ice and snow. The narrator is external, but omniscient, and tells us that the spruce dreams of a palm [...]

Song of the week: Edward (C. Loewe) - J. M.  Kränzle, H. Dumno
Rembrandt - Man with a Sword

"Cherchez la femme". This phrase, originally in a novel by Alexandre Dumas, was successfully adopted by the classical detective novel and the film noir in the 1940s: if you want to solve a mystery, if you intend to know why a man behaves as he behaves, find the woman behind him. In other words, the world is full of good men manipulated by evil women. Dumas wrote the sentence, but the idea is older, and the ballad world is also full of these stories; for instance, a few weeks ago we listen [...]

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