Fritz Wunderlich
My dearest all, this week I'm on holiday, as far as possible from any piece of technological junk. I'm thinking of you though, and today it's Wednesday, so I'm sending you this musical postcard from one of the places more Lied-inspiring ever.

This is also the week of the anniversary of Fritz Wunderlich's death, last Sunday marked 51 years, and being on holiday isn't a reason enough for not keeping our tradition of recalling him. So, his voice will give you a clue about the place I am. We'll listen to him, accompanied by Gerold Huber, singing one of the lieder of Dichterliebe. As you know, this is the only song cycle we follow in order, and the last piece we heard was Wenn ich in deine Augen seh', so today we're listening to the gorgeous and passionate (despite what the words might say) Ich will meine Seele tauchen. If we would go further one more song, the clue would be so clear...

Postcards, you know, haven't much space to write on, so I should say goodbye by now. Greetings from...!
Ich will meine Seele tauchen

Ich will meine Seele tauchen
In den Kelch der Lilie hinein;
Die Lilie soll klingend hauchen
Ein Lied von der Liebsten mein.

Das Lied soll schauern und beben
Wie der Kuß von ihrem Mund,
Den sie mir einst gegeben
In wunderbar süßer Stund'.

So deep will I plunge my spirit   
In the lily's chalice white,
The lily shall murmur, sighing,
A song of my Heart's Delight.
That song shall quiver and tremble
Timidly as the kiss
That once from her mouth she gave me
In a wonderful hour of bliss.

(translation by John Todhunter)


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